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i wish i can be running around under a water fountain too

It is hot. Not Justin-Timberlake-hot, but sweaty-disgusting-melting-sticky hot. And because electricity is expensive and also because you use up a lot of water to cool down an air-conditioner, and also because the heat generated to cool down a room by an air conditioner contributes to global warming, the air conditioner is not being switched on in our two bedroom condominium. All so that my nephew can have a future on Earth. We hope. But in the meantime, he’s in London, running around in his adorable parka or whatever it is that his two-almost-three-year-old brain decides is appropriate. In exchange, his unemployed auntie is experiencing early menopausal symptoms both internally and externally. Good lord. I wish I’m 3 again or whatever age it is that is considered acceptable to be running around in diapers in what is essentially a shower outdoors in the guise of fun. Because I’m hot. In the overweight, definitely not attractive kind of hot. I’ve stuck my head in the freezer more than once in an attempt to cool down. And I’m this close to trying out frozen underwear except that our freezer has discounted fish fillet and well, its kind of gross to put your underwear in the freezer especially if its a family freezer. Although, if I’m living alone, I probably would have tried it already. Because, well, let’s be honest, its my own grossness, I can live with it. I can’t possibly make others live with my grossness too, right?



I've been swinging from place to place looking for new adventures every day.

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