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I really need to stop buying clothes

It doesn’t matter how much of a steal it is, I really really can not buy any more clothes. Its embarrassing. The clothes railing in a custom built (by actual carpenters!) wardrobe (I say share…but honestly, mom has like a couple of pieces in it…most of the stuff is mine) dropped. It just broke. I have a lot of clothes. I’ve never shied away from saying that. Owning that statement, however, is another thing. I’ve always said I’ll stop buying. But then I see a piece that catches my eye and well, any resistance is futile. Well, I’m going to try again. Like, really try. No more buying clothes, new or used. And I’m not going to give myself an out like, oh! I’ll just buy this little thing as long as I give up two or three existing pieces in the wardrobe. Because that never works. I buy it, I hang it, and then well, a couple of months later, that piece that I just simply had to have is either still hanging in the wardrobe (tag still in place) or worn only once and forgotten. I have so much clothing that even if someone came in the middle of the night and took an armload away, I might not notice. Sigh. I’m pathetic. This whole wardrobe business, plus the fact that I can no longer fit into any of the clothing I came back with 7 months ago is making me feel very sad. I think I need some chocolate 😦



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2 thoughts on “I really need to stop buying clothes

  1. Wow, I just saw your blog post. But you know what? I have the same problem but I just have the whole closet to myself, so I really need to declutter asap.


    1. well, the luxury of having the whole closet to yourself is that you get to have as much or as little clothes as you wish, right? In the states, my only incentive to pare down my closet was when I was getting ready to leave! and then well….bags and bags (like trashfuls of them) to GoodWill!


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