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Having a kid is exhausting

Dang. Children are exhausting. A child is exhausting. It seems as if the threshold is rather low. One child is as exhausting as having two children. I imagine some people hope that if there are multiples they (the children) will somehow amuse themselves and thus allow the parents some degree of breathing space. I’ve been assured on multiple occasions that is not true. 

I don’t have children myself.  But on some occasions, I find myself either baby sitting or pseudo baby sitting. I will take a baby anytime over a toddler or even anyone over 1yo. At least infants sleep. A toddler just keeps going and going and going and going. They do not stop. I don’t think brakes have been invented in their brains yet. I don’t know how full time moms do it (thanks mom! And sorry I’m such a pain!) but I won’t be able to do it. Make me go back to work anytime. Please!

Meanwhile, it appears the nephew will be heading back to London tomorrow. Lord have Mercy on my sister. Actually, a more accurate prayer should be, Nephew! Be merciful to thy Mother and sleep on the plane!

its a good thing the Nephew is adorable. 


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