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I am a terrible aunty

My nephew came by today for a short visit. He’s actually only in Singapore till this coming Friday before returning to London where he currently resides. After a quick swimming session with my father, my sister started to worry about the plane not having the 1.5L of milk that he normally consumes in a 12 hour period. She had brought milk with her for her flight back to Singapore but was made to throw them away by Heathrow airport security and she was afraid that the same issue would arise. She had solved the earlier problem by buying milk from Heathrow after clearing security. But in Singapore, security screens are conducted right before boarding the plane. She tried calling the airline to see if they would be able to ensure that they will carry the required amount of milk in lieu of a meal (no dice) and Changi International insisted that only powdered milk is allowed. So she decided to go to NTUC to buy some powdered milk in an attempt to try to get him used to the powdered milk before they have to fly.

While she was at the supermarket, I took him to the little fishpond at Changi City point. I got him some fish food so that my nephew could feed the koi. The boy likes to dip his hand with the fish food before letting the food go which basically means he is pretty close to the edge. He looked to be a good distance from the edge (most of his body mass was away from the edge and only the only part reaching in was his hand) and given how stable he has been on his feet, I really didn’t think there was much danger to him falling in. Well, how wrong I was! He fell head first into the pond and I picked him up almost immediately after he fell in. Thankfully he cried immediately which means there was no loss of consciousness. The pediatrician in me know that he is not considered to be a near drowning case and that there probably is no major damage done. He cried for his mummy immediately. But I was scared. Freaked out inside. I held him close and tried to console him, but he was soaking wet. As much as I disliked the idea of exposing him to the cold of the air conditioning, I really didn’t have a choice if I was going to take him across the street to the supermarket. I didn’t remove his clothes (probably should have) but he was crying so hard and wasn’t letting go that I carried him, dripping clothes and all, to the supermarket. He only stopped crying after his mama held him.

I know, intellectually, that there probably is no major permanent damage. But saying that I’m not freaked out or worried will be a lie. I’m worried that he will develop a pneumonia from the swallowed water or ARDs secondary to near drowning even though this really isn’t a near drowning and if this kid shows up in my ER, I will probably reassure and send him home. But I’m scared. sigh. 

I’m a terrible human being. I let my nephew fall into a pond. I may have just scarred the boy for life! Its probably a good thing he lives on a continent. sigh.



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