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Your feet doesn’t bigger, right?

Whenever I have increased difficulty pulling my trousers over my behind, I keep telling myself that at least my shoe size hasn’t gotten bigger too. I mean, that’s the common assumption, right? Your waist can get bigger, your thighs can get thicker, but your shoe size remains the same (unless if you are pregnant, in which case, all bets are off). But what no one openly talks about, though, is that when your waist expands, so does your bra size. I wouldn’t mind as much if its just the cup size. Unfortunately, the cup size (in my experience anyway) remains the same, but the number next to the letter tends to increase. Its quite annoying. I’ve already given up a lot of my nice clothes, nice trousers, and even my very trustworthy jeans in lieu of track pants (elastic bands!), shorts (suitably long ones),  t-shirts, and well, basically anything that is elastic and doesn’t hug the curves too tightly. Don’t get me wrong, I like my curves, but there are some curves that I would prefer to be flat as a washboard. Unfortunately for me, the bra(s) have gotten too tight in the recent few weeks. Its annoying as hell. I’ve even resorted to wearing my sports bra for the needed support namely because I got it when I was wearing plus-size clothing and so they are still rather comfortable but soon, I might have to face up to reality and get a real bra for the bigger me. But for now, I’m just hoping that all this big-ness is temporary.



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