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TV bingewatching

So for the past week, I’ve been binge-watching Scandal. It wasn’t originally on my list, namely because the series started when I first moved back to the US in 2012 and well, I was too busy, worrying about going back to medicine, that I did not bother to catch the premiere. But after numerous tweets, and FaceBook friends praising the show, I finally decided to watch it. And thus, begins the Scandal binge watching. I have to admit, I loved the first season. I think the second season got a little too conspiracy theory like for me. The third is ok so far, but it seems to have gotten racier. The second half of the 3rd season is coming up so we’ll see if it will be redeemed in my eyes. I mean, many people seem to think the world of it and I do like it (i mean, I have watched 2 1/2 seasons worth in ONE WEEK!) but it seems to have (in my opinion) lost a little bit of its core story.

Anyhow, now that I’m waiting for the next bit to start, I find out that House of Cards Season 2 (NetFlix) is going to start this week. Harlow! More binge watching. And funnily enough, connected to White House politics! In the meantime (I’m waiting for midnight in the US before the episodes will be released) I’m watching Bletchley Circle. So far, the first 20 mins has been interesting. I think its kind of sad that women in the 1940s were not allowed to show how smart they were. But they still managed to be clever and well, get things done.


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