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Trying to wean off FaceBook

I’m trying to wean myself off FaceBook. Now, why would I do that? I don’t know. I feel like I keep updating my status on FaceBook with really mundane boring stuff because, well, I’m bored. So instead, I’m going to try to wean myself off FaceBook so instead, I’m going to list all the boring mundane stuff in my life here, on WordPress. Well, a condensed version. I’ve found myself in the past two days or so updating Tumblr a lot. A friend of mine once said that Tumblr is a millennial thing. I agree. But for someone who is kind of bored even though she really should be studying so she doesn’t fail the damm boards again, well, yeah. Its a nice distraction. And its a lot easier to use than Twitter. And I don’t have to worry about alienating my friends. Actually, I’m fairly certain that I’m losing my FaceBook friends left and right already. BUt that’s ok. Because I know who my real friends are (phew!)

Anyway, just an update on my life. I’m in the middle of reading Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. I’m also hooked on Scandal. A show that I’ve avoided for the longest time ever because, well, I’m already hooked on so many shows, I didn’t figure I would need another. But no. I clicked on it when it showed up on Netflix so now I’m hooked. The second season, by the way, is a touch crazy. Maybe more than crazy. In the beginning, it was interesting and believable and really addictive. Now, its gotten really really crazy. I’m not sure if its a soap opera now or an intelligent show. Well, its still an interesting, imaginative show. But its gotten very soap opera-ish.

Well. That’s it for today. And its only Monday. Can you imagine how delicious the rest of the week will be?



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