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8 years on wordpress!

OMG. Apparently I’ve been on WordPress for 8 years. 8 years!!! I think that calls for champagne. No, maybe Champagne should be reserved for 10 years. How about some wine? Or Beer maybe? A toast at the very least!! That must be a record (for me, not wordpress obviously). 8 years??!! 8 years of whinning about my life online. 8 years of resolutions that have never been resolved or filled or whatever it is that you do with resolutions. 8 years of documenting my romantic relationship failures (because let’s face it, none of them have been very successful, have they?) and apparently now, career failures. 8 years of documented regrets and hopes. Dang.

Prior to this I was on diaryland (does it still exist??) and maybe Blogspot (for a very short while). 8 Years. I’ve changed my themes numerous times (and normally in clusters!). But after 8 years, I’m still a shitty writer (that’s ok, I knew that all along) and not a very consistent one at that. But that’s ok too because WordPress doesn’t judge (especially when no one reads your blog!)!!!

oh well. A toast! A toast I say! (where’s my wine?). Here’s to 8 more years. Hopefully with more hopes fulfilled than dashed!



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