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Similar to Owen Wilson’s character in the movie “Midnight in Paris”, I sometimes find myself wishing that I was born in a different era. Except, I think that if I had been born in a different era, I would probably want to have been born a man, preferably in the upper class. But that’s the problem when your recent reading pleasures have consisted namely of Agatha Christie mysteries. Not that she doesn’t write some first class female characters (Tuppence, Miss Marple both come to mind) but I truly like the idea of being invited to nice civilised dinners with brilliant conversation, sending telegrams (yes, I know. That’s what email is for but who won’t want to receive a twitter like messages on yellow cheap paper?) and leaving things like calling cards, or sending little notes on personalised stationery.

Given the insane amount of time I’ve been having on my hands (don’t shoot me. I’m jobless. What other luxury can I enjoy but time?) I’ve been reading some pen and stationery blogs. And perusing (wistfully) personalised stationery from Paper Crane, Papyrus and Smythson websites. Its a good thing I don’t have a job or I might have gone ahead and just ordered some letter pressed or embossed personal stationery for myself!! But who won’t want to have own some personalised correspondence cards that they can whip out and write a short note to a friend that they haven’t talked to in a while? I think I would like mine to have a motif of a unicorn, or perhaps a fairy. How lovely that would be!
Right now, I’m totally envious of her for owning her own set of personalised Smythson stationery!

Accidental Pen


“A WOMAN is known by the stationery she uses.  Paper talks.  We read between the lines, along the margin, and across the envelope, the story of good or bad taste which speaks in tone, texture and design.”

~ (© 1910) A Desk Book on the Etiquette of Social Stationery by Jean Wilde Clark

And so it was, after much deliberation, that I decided to order bespoke correspondence cards from Smythson of Bond Street.  I had always wanted a set of fine, engraved correspondence cards on beautiful stock; to me, they are one of the most versatile and useful pieces of social stationery.  I frequently find myself writing short notes – thanks yous, a personal note enclosed with the mailing of a gift/clippings/photos, acknowledgements, informal invites, etc.  What better piece of stationery than a personalized correspondence card?  And who better to create my ideal card than one of the world’s…

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