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Do you know what I want for Christmas? To be a board certified pediatrician. Oops. Looks like I must have been naughty and Santa did not agree. Ok, well, how about an honest to goodness letter sent the old fashioned way aka the Postal Service.

In the day of NSA having access to people’s private emails and whatnot, I think the time may be ripe for the Postal Service to make a resurgence. I grew up in the era where it was making a friend from the other side of the world meant signing up for an international friendship service and writing letters to them. I had a Swedish penpal for almost 10 years (and then college came along and well…we lost touch 😦 ). I also kept a regular correspondence with a girl from an extra-curricular course I was taking. I continued with the classes while she quit. But we kept in touch with letters. I think we wrote to each other until I was in medical school! Both times, it wasn’t because of the distance, or that stamps just got too expensive. I think we all lost touch because we had become different people and really found very little in common with each other so our letters just sort of petered out.

But, I do miss the days of finding the right stationery (well, most times I just found a piece of foolscap paper), composing the letter (and honestly, it was mostly mundane stuff like biology is boring and my literature teacher thinks I have no imagination), folding it up, putting it on the envelope, printing out the address (and sometimes decorating the envelope), going to the post office to get the stamp, licking it and popping it into the mailbox. After a week or two of pestering my mom to open the mailbox, I would be rewarded with an envelope addressed to me! and only me! And then I get to read the letter as many times as I want until I was satisfied and then the process would start all over again. My letters weren’t always very neat. There were sometimes a lot of words crossed out (sometimes on purpose) but it would be my letter. And it always made my heart skip a beat or two because I got a letter!

So Santa, how about a letter? All I wanted for Christmas was to pass my board exams. But seeing that I didn’t get it, how about a consolation letter telling me to buck up?


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