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being broke

Having been a student for most of my adult life, I’ve never really had to think about what I should do, if I had the money. I mean, like everyone else, I have pipe dreams like travel around the world, or buy myself a nice place to live, etc. But because I’ve had to make-do with the little I have (and the generous generous contributions from my parents), realistic plans for money have never entered my mind. But it seem that amongst my peers, I am the only one. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised since most of my friends have been working for at least a decade and have families. So things like investing for the future are actually important realities, and not simply a concept. I’m pretty certain a friend tried very hard not to smack me on the head when I told her I only have $1000 sitting in a bank account (and I can’t even touch that because if the amount goes below that the bank starts deducing $10 from it every month) in the US. She was amazed to find out I did not save a single penny during residency. So to anyone who is going through the long arduous process of learning to be a physician, learn this to: save. Yep, residency pay is a pittance because everyone (at least those fat cats who are paying us anyway) thinks that residency is a training program (which it is) so the fact that we even have an allowance is well, fortunate. And yep, there are loans to pay, rent to pay, gas to buy. Oh, did I mention food too? But save. Try to save something. Not just save something for vacation. But save some money that gets put away somewhere. Otherwise, you will end up like me. Living with my parents. In my 30s. And broke. And jobless. As if one of the two wasn’t bad enough.


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