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And so it has come to pass that a jobless pediatrician has just returned from yet another trip abroad. My mom and I have just returned from a short trip to Macau and Hong Kong. Mother makes an annual trip to Hong Kong to see our elderly relatives there and when I am able, I try to make the trip with her. Part of the reason is because well, mom normally pays for everything. But the other reason is because I know that time will make these trips unnecessary soon enough. Whenever I tag along though, mother will try to suggest a location accessible via Hong Kong to keep me entertained. 4 years ago, we had visited Macau in addition to Hong Kong. As it was both our first trips to Macau, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. This time round, however, we were slightly more prepared. We had hoped to stay at the Sofitel again but due to timing issues, we were unable to procure a room there. Or anywhere on Macau island itself. We ended up staying in Taipa, right across the bridge. Aided by Agoda, we got rooms at the Regency Hotel, which turned out to be quite a disappointment. It was described as a 5 star hotel, but honestly, the room itself should have be more honestly classed as a 3 star hotel. I wish I had put my foot down and insisted on booking rooms at the 4 star Holiday Inn. Certainly from the lobby alone, it looked a lot more comfortable than our hotel.Image

During our last trip, we had paid our visit to the ruins of St. Paul. This time round, I was quite determined to poke around the other islands. We went to Coloane by bus (their public transport system was quite marvelous) and went to a number of temples there. I also got to sample the infamous egg tarts from Lord Stowe’s bakery (divine!). We also went to Taipa village where I got to experience eating at my very first Michellin starred restaurant! Quite exciting!Image

Overall, it really wasn’t a bad trip. I had the chance to eat quite a variety of foods, and we did a lot of walking and sightseeing. AND, I also had the chance to use my (almost) forgotten point and shoot camera. It boggles my mind at the sheer number of people who now largely depend on their smartphones for their touristy snaps. It seemed as if the tourists either had fancy (heavy) camera equipment or they used their phones. I’m quite certain that I was the only stubborn fool who held on to my dear (old) trusty point and shoot (digital) camera! Good thing the pink rectangle box has managed to survive all the knocks over the years…




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