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Grand Prix in Macau

The Grand Prix weekend in Macau is possibly the worst weekend ever to decide to visit Macau. Or HK for that matter. Most of the hotels are fully (or over-) booked. We ended up in the Regency. The pictures on Agoda looked rather nice and it was rated as a 5-star hotel. But in reality, this hotel has seen better days and really should be a 3 star hotel. I like their service but their rooms leave a lot to be desired. We had originally intended to visit our relatives in HK and Macau last week but because we wanted to participate in the GE run, this was the only weekend we could come. Unfortunately, it turns out that we weren’t signed up for the GE run like we thought we were. But man, I sure wish I knew earlier that we couldn’t go to the GE run because then I would have bought us tickets to HK for last weekend instead. Our air tickets were doubled, and so was our hotel bill as a result! And not only that…its also much colder! As always with travelling…timing matters! Anyway, not much time to gripe. Will post on the trip itself at a later date!



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