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Reality bites…and it hurts

Right. So I completed my residency in July. And since then, I’ve been hiding behind my academic cap by working on my thesis (ie summer project) for my MSc and studying for boards (erm, sort of).

But now that both are completed and behind me, I’ve got to face reality: I’m a jobless pediatrician. I do not know if I will pass the boards. But if I don’t, I’m screwed. Even if I pass the boards, I can’t get a supervised position here in Singapore in order to get the necessary bureaucratic permission to practice in Singapore as a pediatrician. Then I thought, well, New Zealand sounds nice. Well, a headhunter just told me that New Zealand isn’t looking for pediatricians. And Australia is out of the question too. I thought about maybe selling out and being a medical advisor. Turns out those require post-graduate qualifications as well. le sigh. Which basically means I was probably better off staying in the US. Except staying in the US was not an option. Stuck.

So right now, I’m jobless. And broke beyond imagination. I’ve never ever seen my bank account balance record as -$0.15 before. Its a scary number to look at. And even worse, my ATM card was taken away.

Reality bites. And it sucks. And dang, its painful.



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