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A letter to Starbucks

A letter to Starbucks

Dear Starbucks,
I hope you will care to explain this. I have been a loyal customer since my teens an unmentionable number of years ago and have been faithfully drinking your highly acidic coffee for more than a decade and across at least 3 continents and numerous countries. This, I do, in spite of the fact that there are better options available. I do this for the same reason I will, on occasion, eat at McDonalds. Its familiar and one expects the same standards at all branches, across the globe. After all, when one travels a lot, you sometimes crave a bit of familiarity, even when that product did not originate from your country of origin. Such, I believe, is perhaps the only reason for globalization.

And yet, having traversed around the globe and drunk your acid filled lattes and ill filled coffee smoothies, no, I mean, mocha frapp, Singapore is the only location where people are asked to not spend prolonged times in their cafes or study. Yet, can you please educate me on the meaning of study, and how you would identify it? Does reading a magazine intently count as studying? How about doing homework on the computer? Oh? You mean if I have a textbook displayed on the desk, that counts as studying? Well, what if I’m bored, and the only books available to me were textbooks and I decided to read them for leisure. Does that count as studying?

Perhaps if you were clearer on your intentions, one might be able to better comply and the whole lot of us will decamp to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves, which by the way, makes a much better mocha frapp anyway.


yours sincerely,

seriously displeased Starbucks customer


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