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Doing one thing right and well

Doing one thing right and well

I’ve been eating chocolate cake from Lana Cakes for my birthday, every year since I was a year old. When I’m not in Singapore, my parents will get one and eat it on my behalf and then they will go ahead and get another one when I return to make up for it, that, is how much we live and appreciate Mrs. Kwan’s chocolate cake.
As my mid thirties approach, I’m still eating Lana’s cake for my birthday. Minus the trimmings because honestly, I’m not exactly at an age where you can crow about your age. Especially when you are jobless.
And her cakes, after 30 odd years still taste the same. Simple and delicious.
Which got me thinking. Why do so many people go back to Lana’s cakes year after year? Her chocolate cakes are the chocolate cakes that every chocolate cake maker in Singapore is compared to.
And it hit me. She has 1 branch. And she makes only 1 type of cake. And she makes it well. She runs her cake shop well. The shop has not changed in the 30 odd years of my existance. Her cakes, have also not changed.

Thank goodness.
I hope she never does. And I hope her cakes will stay delicious for many more years to come.



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