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the art of being jobless

In the past month, I’ve taken to the habit of walking along East Coast Park in the mornings with my mother. My main reasons are because I want to keep my mother company (although if I’m honest, it feels like she’s keeping me company), the other reasons are that I’ve gained 7kg (that’s 14lbs!!!!) in the past 4 months or so (*tune in the dramatic soap opera songs*), and another reason is because it adds a routine to my day.

As much as I’ve enjoyed being unemployed, I’m getting increasingly antsy about my unemployed status. It doesn’t sit very well with me. Plus, I’m also aware that the longer I’m unemployed, the more it makes me unemployable. Looking at the MOH and the Singhealth website, they all expect the doctors they hire to be currently hired. I guess I should have started the application process a lot earlier. But honestly, they didn’t have openings when I was looking, and well, I wasn’t looking very hard because its kind of hard to think that far ahead when you are in the PICU followed by ED nights and then being floor senior. Most times, I’m concentrating on thinking, ok, how do I not screw this up.

But of course, this also means I’m now…jobless. Crap. Help?

Hence, at this point, I get up at 5am (its a cruel cruel habit), set out for a 12km walk at 6.30am, back from walk and breakfast by 10.30am, and then…yea. That’s pretty much it.



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