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What will I do with my life?

Right. Its been 2 months. I’ve been officially done with residency for 2 months. And then I spent the last two months working on my thesis. Which is now completed and on its way to London.

Which basically means its time to seriously start looking for a job. I went to the website for the local hospitals. And well, the future looks pretty stark. My mom has been dropping hints (although…if she didn’t do it intentionally, does it still count as hints?) that its time I start to suck it up and grow up. The problem is … how? I can complete the application. But here in Singapore, you are only called if you are shortlisted. Well, for my field, there IS only one hospital I can apply to. Which basically means if some person in HR decides not to read my resume, or because my resume looks so different from others since I wasn’t trained the conventional way…out the window goes my resume and my brain continues to atrophy?

le Sigh.



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