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It hits you like a strong icy blast in the Antatic, except of course, we are now within 5 degrees South of the Equator, making this the tropics and the blast that hits me as I step out of the cool air of Changi International Airport was one of high humidity and temperature. In the two minutes it takes the useful ‘uncles’ to flag down a (mercifully) air conditioned taxi, I’m already melting like the Wicked Witch of the West, much to the amusement of the two taxi attendants.

Sometimes I think the humidity is Singapore’s way of reminding me that I can’t have it both ways. Having lived abroad for more than a decade, I have complained about the bitter cold of Chicago, the extreme humidity of Baltimore and St. Louis. I think the only city in which I have lived and not complained about the weather is probably Torrance, California (which, of course, is part of Greater Los Angeles).

Having been lulled into complacency by its mild weather, and low humidity, I was completely unprepared for the heat and humidity that hit me upon my return. When I complained to my mom, she laughed so loud I thought she would wake the neighbors (this being about 3.30am). She said right now, it was actually ‘quite cooling’. *shudder* oy vey. What will I do when the haze returns and the temperature increases? sigh.



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