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So, the last month with D have been amazingly blissful. Very little quibbles. We’ve spent some really good quality time together. All very nice and relaxing. Except for the times when D brings up that I’m leaving soon. Then it makes me sad. And I start to wonder if I’m making a mistake after all? That perhaps I should have made more of an effort to look for opportunities to stay.

But then, I remind myself of the times when I have been mad at him. Or frustrated. Or disappointed (like whenever he smokes…or gets drunk…that really gets on my nerves). For some reason, it has irritated me a little less of late. 

And then I get it. This is the effect of relationship goggles. Although, I suspect that whoever had invented that term probably meant how people normally forget all the terrible aspects of the relationship once the relationship is truly over and they are reminiscing about old times. In my case, this is more of me getting all rosey-eyed towards the end of a relationship, that essentially, has a time limit on it. I think one of the reasons why I’m not letting his bad habits (and likewise him) get to me is because I know that there will come a day when I’ll no longer get to whine or complain about him. 

I wonder if people who are in committed long distance relationships do the same thing? Like, they forget about a person’s bad habits, then ignore it when confronted with it because the time that they have is so limited?



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