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See that dress? Well, turns out its not a dress. Its a romper. I don’t understand rompers. At all. Its like someone decided that to sew a top and a pair of shorts or trousers together and call it a romper without any thought of the practicality of the dang thing. Seriously, did the person who invent this never ever have to attend the call of Nature? In all seriousness, what if you need to go to the bathroom? Urgently. All that wriggling around and fumbling about in a small confined space, aka the toilet stall, can be rather, uncomfortable, don’t you think? I had issues just trying them on in the relatively large changing rooms of Anthropologie.
The outfit is certainly cute but I would have much preferred it if it was a dress instead. At least with a dress, all you have to do is lift it up! To be honest, I really don’t know which idiot came up with this idiotic concept of a romper, but I’m certain its not a woman! There is a reason why kids and babies get to wear rompers…they have diapers! And even they have openings at the bottom!



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