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Surprisingly, my cousin was the first person on my facebook friends list to announce the passin of Mr. Monteith’s passing. I didn’t even know she watched Glee! At first, I thought it was some stupid rumor that got out of hand but when I saw it on, I knew that it had to be true (the irony!)

Of course, once I figured out that it wasn’t some rumor that had gotten out of hand, the next thought that came into my head was that Lindsey Lohan survived him? I know, its a little out of line, but honestly….I can’t be the only one…right?

And then the next serious thought that came to my head was….didn’t he just get out of rehab? I mean, I know its hard to stay ‘clean’, especially when you have the means to get your hands on a lot of harmful substances…but don’t they at least try to keep clean for a couple of months before trying something? And then of course, the list of highly successful stars who all died as a result of drugs and alcohol started to pepper through my tiny puny brain including Amy Winehouse, Heath Leger, etc. And then of course, I thought it was a bit premature to judge since I didn’t know for sure that it was drugs (I mean, he could have had a bad heart..or a recent illness leading to viral myocarditis or something) but nope! Turns out it was drugs and alcohol after all.

And when the coroner’s verdict came out, the next thing that popped into my head was…why do highly successful people risk it all? I mean, he was young (in my opinion, anyone younger than me is young), making a ton of money, had a (in public) supportive partner….so why did he risk it all? Granted, maybe he didn’t know he would die…but surely he was aware that it could potentially derail his career (although…given the direction that Glee has taken lately, his career might already have stalled if he didn’t have another project lined up). 

To me, this reads like an anesthesiologist who dies because they started taking their own drugs on the side. It just seems so pointless.

So, here’s the question, dear reader (what? I’m not greedy), why take the gamble when you have so much to lose?



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