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Day 2 of Unemployment

Or retirement as I like to think of it. After all, I’ve completed another stage of my life (residency) and its time to move on. Except, unlike my peers who are either moving on to fellowship or gainful employment, I’m stuck with nothing. Most of it was my fault. I chose to come back to the US on a J1 visa (it was the easiest route) which means I have no choice but to return to my home country after completion of my training. If I had wanted to stay, I suppose I could have lobbied for a fellowship position but in truth, it would have bought me a further 3 years and I would be back to my situation today. Unemployed, well-educated, and unable to stay because of visa issues. So I will return, after all, my home country is perhaps more Americanized than most American cities anyway, so there will be no culture shock. The issue is that I may not be able to obtain a medical license. One would have thought that having completed my residency training, it would make that process easier, or at the very least, place me in a position that is perhaps more desirable than the one I found myself two years ago. Well, situation hasn’t changed. Oh well. I’m still planning on taking my boards though. I’m hoping (against hope) that being board certified would persuade the medical council to recognize that I am a competent physician! The trick is passing those damm boards. sigh.

In the meantime, I have 2 months to complete my masters thesis. Its not going well at all. I’m at 500 of a 30K word thesis. That means 750 words a day. I’m on Day 2. Yes, obviously very behind. Maybe a brain fart will follow this brain block and tomorrow I can suddenly produce 2000 words to make up for the shortfall? let’s hope so.



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One thought on “Day 2 of Unemployment

  1. Take your time; you’re doing really well!! It can be difficult to motivate yourself to finish a masters in time, but you seem like you’ve been through so much more. Good luck, and keep posting! 🙂


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