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apricot chicken

Hmm…so I tried the chocolate walnut bettelman…it really didn’t taste too bad. At least it tasted better than the bread pudding with fried bananas.

I also made an apricot chicken with coconut milk today. There are several variations of making apricot chicken when you do a google search but it seemed like the gist of it involved marinating the chicken in some sort of spices, and then baking the chicken with the apricot. So I kind of winged it given the ingredients I had on hand (well, I went and bought some dried apricots…but everything else was left over in the refrigerator).

Basically, I marinated the chicken thighs in allspice, pepper and paprika. I basically sprinkled it on rather generously and left it in the refrigerator for an hour. Then I heated some water and threw the dried apricots in there. I think one of the recipes said to simmer it until the apricots look plump, which is what I did. I then put the chicken thighs into a pan and put in enough coconut milk to cover the chicken and put the apricots in it as well before putting it all in the oven at 375F for 1hour. I’m not sure if I should have put in the water containing the apricot juice (I didn’t) but I definitely think having the milk was a must as it kept the chicken really moist and tender.  Overall, not too bad for something that I had recklessly made using a combination of different recipes!



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