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Spiced bread pudding with Banana

I’m not sure what possessed me to give this a try but it was on the guardian and the pictures looked pretty, so I thought, why not?

First of all, if you are going to try a recipe that is printed in the newspaper, it is really really important to follow the instructions, especially if its your first time making it. Second of all, it might be wise to try to see what it tastes like cooked by someone else before you try it yourself so you have a source of comparison. I’ve never had bread pudding before so I’ll be honest with yer, I have no clue if this tastes good or not. It just tastes different.

First I mixed the coconut milk (seriously, I can’t find good old fashioned red chilies but they have coconut milk in the great state of California) with non-fat milk. The recipe says 400mls of each. I had to guestimate since well, I didn’t have a measuring cup. Then I added in some regular sugar because I didn’t have any other kind. And I put in some cinnamon sugar (again, no ground cinnamon and I wasn’t about to add a cinnamon stick). After that, I tore up some slices of bread and lined the bowl with it and poured the concoction in only to realise about 5 mins later I had forgotten the egg. Oops. So I beat the eggs and added it to the mixture along with vanilla extract. I had googled “bread pudding” and some recipes used vanilla extract instead of vanilla pods and since my local Target doesn’t have vanilla pods in their limited produce section, I had to improvise. Then I stuck the whole thing in the oven at 350F for 45 mins.

Somewhere along the way, I cut up a small orange and a banana into slices and tossed it into a pan of melted butter. Then, I tossed in some pecans and the fried orange-banana pieces into the pot.

I think next time I might need to lose the pecans.

Looks edible, no?


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