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A Foggy morning

Wow. Who knew that it could get so foggy in SoCal? I left the hospital this morning at 7.15am and could barely see more than 5 feet ahead of me. I could almost imagine myself back in London except its too flat here.  And there are more cars than people here. Still, it was quite an interesting 40min walk. The fog stuck around till mid-morning. I almost wished I had walked home immediately to take a nap instead of trying to be brave and going to the gym after work. It was rather difficult sleeping with the bright sun rays coming in through the windows…but when one is exhausted, its surprising what one can sleep through!

Along the way, I noticed these really small tiny flowers. Given that its winter now, and yes, I realise the temperature in SoCal doesn’t really go down that much and these flowers will probably survive the winter, I thought I should try to take some pictures for posterity sake. I also thought it would be a good opportunity to test the limits of the phone camera. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the pictures. In fact, I think it might even replace my current handheld point and shoot at this point…



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