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What the NPR suggested I eat

I was listening to NPR while walking home from Target a couple of days ago and they were doing this interview with an author named Peter Mozzuri, which in my mind sounded quite a bit like Mozzie. And since Mozzie from White Collar knows everything there is to know, I decided that this interview must contain Very Important News. Which it is since Mr. Mozzuri was discussing his new book on mid century American dinning. In fact, I was so fascinated that I actually looked it up on Amazon as soon as I got back home. I also managed to get onto his webpage and found his handy dandy Google map. Hip hip hooray. I’ve put the book on my christmas wishlist. Unfortunately, I’ve been a rather naughty girl this year so I don’t really think Santa will bring me the book but his map did tell me that there is a classic american restaurant called the San Franciscan in Torrance! 20 mins away from me! So guess what I did? Yep. I cajoled the boy into bringing me there for his birthday.

I will admit, it felt a little surreal at first. For one thing, the booths were all in red and in a semi-circle so that couples could sit really really close, quite comfortably and face everyone coming up and down the aisle. I was hoping to see something flammable on their menu but didn’t find any. They did, however, have a rather impressive selection of steaks. I didn’t order any of their classic steaks and settled for a petite New York (medium rare, in case you are wondering), because I was wearing a rather tight dress and didn’t think a piece of steak in its usual serving would be advisable. The service was very friendly, although the waitress wasn’t terribly knowledgeable about wines (don’t worry, I’m not either) and we ended up picking a Coopola pinot noir because you really can’t go wrong with the Coopolas, can you? The steak was so-so. But for the price, it was reasonable. But for most of the night, I half expected Don Draper & Company to waltz in through the door smoking their stinky cigars. Except this is California and there is no indoor smoking and Don Draper is in New York. Haha. All in all, not a bad night. Not a bad night at all.



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