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A day by the Sea

So about two weekends ago, the boy-toy and I had a fight. Like a really big one that almost ended us. Fortunately, we both came to our senses, in more ways than one. But that will be a story for another day. Anyway, since then, I’ve been busy working in the PICU and well, we haven’t really gotten very much of a chance to spend time with each other. But I finally got this past weekend off and the boy-toy decided he was going to take the weekend off as well. And you know what that means? Road Trip! Well, sort of.

In my humble opinion, I think the boy has ADHD. Or perhaps first child syndrome. Basically, he only wants to do what he wants to do. Sometimes when he feels super guilty, he might suggest doing something that I want to do…but he doesn’t last very long.

Anyway, we decided to take a drive up Palo Verdes and he was going to show me the chapel that his sister got married in. Turns out, his sister got married in the famous Wayfarer’s Chapel designed by Lloyd Wright! Touristy thing of the month tick!

And after that, we went and had some lunch at this Thai restaurant in Redondo Beach, which wasn’t very good…but it wasn’t very bad either. Basically, quite edible. Thankfully he decided to make up for his bad taste in restaurant choosing by taking me to a great movie! LOL. So we went to watch Skyfall. Which was an awesome movie. And kind of heart wrenching. Of the different Bond movies during the Daniel Craig era, this might tie with Casino Royale as my favorite Bond movie, which says a lot since Casino Royale had the element of surprise in his sheer animalism. But am I the only one who thinks that this movie seems to be saying that his might be the end of Daniel Craig as Bond? It feels like a trilogy that has come to its natural end and we might need to revamp the series again.

Anyway, not a bad weekend to make up for the last shitty weekend.



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