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Chicken RIce cravings

Its been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying a simple plate of Hainanese Chicken rice. For people who know me well, Hainanese Chicken rice is my favorite dish. Ever. Unfortunately, even though I live in LA, which has a huge Asian population, I have yet to find a place that makes Hainanese Chicken rice. So in my delusion that I can actually cook, I decided to make the dish myself. In 90 mins, I not only made the dish, but finished the whole thing myself. Granted, it did not look as good as the real thing…but I can’t say I didn’t try! So, although it didn’t taste very much like the real thing, I’m going to do a quick post on how I made chicken rice for the very first time! So here goes nothing!

  1. Go to and type “Hainanese Chicken Rice Recipe” into the white box.
  2. Briefly glance through the various recipes posted and settle on the one that is posted on the Guardian website simply because I like the prose.
  3. walk to Target and buy ingredients listed. Thankfully Target now has free wifi in their store so I don’t even have to write a list.
  4. Arrive at Target (45mins later) only to find that Target is great at stocking up on frozen goods but fresh foods? Not so much. Have to walk to Food4Less to get the rest of the items.
  5. Arrive home 90 mins later and read through the recipe in its entirety. This takes all of 5 mins.
  6. Then I chop up the ginger, and realise I forgot to peel it. oops.
  7. And then I chop up the long green stem part of it and then decide to chop up the white part too since the recipe says nothing about which part of it I should chop up.
  8. Put some water into the saucepan and put it on the stove. Turn on the fire and then dump all the chopped up ingredients into the water.
  9. Peel (see! I can remember to peel when I try) and chop up the garlic.
  10. Grab the skinless chicken thighs (they didn’t have whole chicken at Target) and put them in the boiling water.
  11. Take boiling water containing the chicken thighs and spring onions and ginger away from the fire 15 mins later and cover it with a plate (I don’t have covers for my saucepans).
  12. Sit around and watch Criminal minds for 1 hour.
  13. Get some butter and try to melt it in the big frying pan. Toss in the remainder of the giner slices and garlic. Try not to squeal as the butter splutters.
  14. Dump a cup of rice into frying pan and wonder if I should have boiled the rice first.
  15. Pour half a cup of the chicken stock (!! woo hoo! I made chicken stock! At least I hope its chicken stock. No bones were involved!)
  16. Let the rice boil for 20 mins.
  17. Serve rice from step 16 and the chicken.
  18. Sit down and enjoy. At least the smell is right. And it doesn’t taste half that bad either!


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