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time and tide and all that jazz

I was sitting at home, on a Fri night, doing my laundry, and, apparently, polishing a whole bottle of wine by myself, when it suddenly hit me. I am old. Or rather, I’ve aged despite my best efforts. I’ve been using anti-aging serum since my twenties, avoided the sun (until recently) and only smoke occasionally (right, I realize not smoking at all would have been better..but I was in my twenties and I was stupid). I’ve also avoided any sort of long term commitment to relationships, hence, avoiding the trap of having to grow old with someone or better yet, growing up emotionally at all. And yes *roll eyes* I also dye my hair (hey! who doesn’t these days??!!)

Yet, without knowing it, or wanting it, I have aged, to my great displeasure. Who else but old, mature individuals would willingly sit at home, on a Fri night to do their laundry? Its one thing if you have to work the next day, or work that very night. But who in their right mind would do their laundry, on their first Fri night off in a month? Yeah. Old people.

So yep. Time and tide really waits for no (wo)man. Its an unfortunate, but true fact. So time to carpe diem and all that crap before it catches up to you and you start whinnig of chronic back pain and how young all those damm football players are getting.



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