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I’ve moved to California for a month now and have officially moved into a new apartment, and bought a new car. My very first car. His name is Byron and was born in 2002. I ‘saved’ him from a car dealership. Apparently his owner had traded him in for a newer model. The car salesman who sold Byron to me was very persuasive. He said that if he had a younger sister who was looking for his first car, he would have gotten Byron for her. With a line as sweet as that, who could resist? Oh yeah, did I mention that he threw in an offer of lunch to sweeten the deal?

Anyway, with the decreased physical activity that invariably comes with owning a car, I’ve put on quite a bit of weight. I’ve been trying to maintain a healthier diet, and given my very well known reluctance of eating veggies, I’ve been trying to drink them instead. But the waistline keeps expanding. sigh. So I signed up for a gym membership, but because the area that I live in has erm, the bare essentials (there is a gas station right round the corner, a middle school right across the street…and a liquor store and lots of empty lots), I have to drive to the gym.

Anyway, I found some kale at Food4Less and after putting some of it into a smoothie (hint: adding bananas and/or strawberries makes the smoothie taste good regardless of anything else you put into it), decided that kale chips were in order ( I did not buy any potatoes….actually, how DO you make potato chips?).

Anyway, apparently making baked kale chips is quite easy. Take the leaves off the stalk while preheating the oven to 375F. Put leaves on the oven pan, and then stick the whole thing into the oven for 5-8mins. Take it out, and use some salt to season. Viola. Kale chips.



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