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Right. So I finished the non-research part of my course in London and went back home to Singapore, before the start of the Jubilee celebrations. Yeah, I know. I suffered through their dreadfully long winter but opted not to stay for the one time of the year the Brits know how to have fun *smack my head*. Oh well, I couldn’t really afford to stay in London anymore anyway, so off I went. And then I was in Singapore for about 20days and finally got to see my nephew for the first time. The little tyke is actually quite cute. I’m just glad he’s not mine. The kid eats every 2 hours and needs his diapers changed almost constantly and he slobbers on everything. But that smile…it makes even the meanest kid nice, even if he is nice only to him.

Anyway,I’m here now in Torrance, California. Which, as far as I can figure out, is part of Greater Los Angeles. Its quite far inland (at least a half hour away from the beach). The hospital is on the edge between Torrance and Carson. I finally found a room to rent in Carson. The neighberhood where I’ll be staying feels and looks like Garfield and 55th in Chicago (aka not good). But its 20 mins (by walking) to the hospital. There is a rather sketchy looking grocery store across the street from the hospital, so I shouldn’t starve. And 20 mins away from the hospital (aka 40 mins by walking from the apartment) is a Ralphs (grocery chain). So basically, I can probably get away without having to have a car. I think. I tried to buy a car, but I don’t think I can afford it. So basically, until I’m desperate, probably will be stuck in Torrance and won’t see very much of LA, or the Cameraman. Which is a bit disappointing. But I keep telling myself that its only 1 year. I can suck it up.
 Anyway, I decided to be a tourist today since I actually still have the rental so I picked the Getty Center. It wasn’t open when I was last here in LA (20 years ago) and it apparently is one of the most amazing art museums around. It took me 2 hours to drive there (but 3 hours to drive back and half a tank of gas…sigh) but I have to admit, its pretty cool. For one thing, it has, potentially, one of the best view of Los Angeles possible. The sculpture garden was gorgeous, the view of LA was amazing and they had a very well curated collection. Its hard to find much fault with it except that even though their website says the museum is free, parking is $15 and no, you can’t enter as a ‘walk in’ so basically their so-called parking fee is the museum entrance fee. I guess its ‘cheaper’ the more guests they are in a car? Still, it was worth it (painful, but worth it). I also had the chance to watch a screening of Dante’s Inferno. Since it was a black and white movie, there was also live music. I really liked it. One of the few regrets I’m sure I’ll have if I don’t end up having a car. But its ok. I’m going to be busy working anyway.


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