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Superhero Run in Regent’s Park

A gathering of Superheros

A couple of weeks ago, a friend from my class asked if anyone would be interested in running around in Regent’s Park. Since this year appears to be a year where I’m up for just about anything, I said, sure! why not! And signed up for, and wait for it, wait for it, a 5K run, in a superhero costume! yep. I, the consummate couch potato, signed up for a 5K run.

Batgirl Meghann

I will readily admit that I probably would not have parted with a week’s worth of grocery money for the registration fee except they promised a superhero costume for all participants. I can’t resist any sort of opportunity to dress up. That, and I managed to persuade a friend from medical school to join me so at least I would have company. And so, with her and a whole bunch of other superheros, in our fantastic superhero costumes, we ran around Regent Park to the amusement of several tourists and little kids.

New Bling

Their poor parents probably had to come up with some quick on the spot answers about why there were so many weird grownups playing dress up on a gorgeous Sunday. And just in case you are wondering, I actually did manage to run 4 out of the 5Km. I kinda lost it around the 3Km mark, but got back a bit of inspiration when I saw the 4km run and started running again. So not too bad for my first run, don’t you think? I even got a medal to show for it!

And since this IS a charity run, I’m going to make a plea for donations here. Doctors of the World UK is a great organization that provides medical relief to all parts of the world. They are a great group and I really hope to be able to volunteer with them once I’m done with residency. Be nice and sponsor Batgirl Meghann (who ran ALL 5K) and/or SuperMe (please?? pretty please? I did finish the race after all) and I will probably consider signing up for another charity run 😉 and you can be smug in your knowledge that you did some good for the world!



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