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Another great excuse to procrastinate

Right, so the last time I had to prepare for an all encompassing exam was quite a while ago and its taking me *quite* a while to get into the right frame of mind to …. well, study. But inspired by the great Ms. Burns of Nothing but Bonfires fame, I’ve decided that instead of a to-do list that has the words “study for exams” mocking me, I’m going to compile a list of things I’ve done in the past couple of weeks so that I can give myself a congratulatory pat on the back. So here goes:

  1. procrastinate effectively
  2. watch Made in Chelsea faithfully
  3. Go to Amsterdam
  4. drink copious amounts of wine in Amsterdam
  5. taste the best apple pie in the world (also in Amsterdam)
  6. Visit Italy (essentially Venice, Florence, and Rome)
  7. Be a tourist thing and do the pushing the Pisa tower over pose for the camera…repeatedly.
  8. sign up for a 5K run
  9. watch gossip girls
  10. watch the Golden Poo Awards animated films repeatedly and try not to die from laughing so hard…in the middle of the floor of Starbucks

I promise that after the exams are over, and I’m safely back in Singapore, I will blog about Amsterdam and Italy. And even do my taxes. I hope. But before that happens, please go ahead and watch this film. Its absolutely hilarious. Enjoy, I dare you.



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