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It is called Fortnum blues in England, and not Tiffany blues

 Last weekend, I met up with an old classmate from Junior College with the Cube. K was someone that I knew would be Valedictorian, but he was never really someone that I had ever hung out with or even knew very much about. But he went to Cambridge with the Cube and the Cube had planned to meet up with him. So I suggested high tea at Fortnum and Masons. So the Cube got us reservations at the Jubilee tea room at Fortnum and Masons. I had forgotten how expensive high tea in London is but then again, it was a rather fun experience, and the food was rather good. I was quite surprised to find out that the blue-ness of the china at the Jubilee tea room was the same shade of blue as Tiffany’s. I had a duck’s egg with some roasted vegetables, followed by scones and other desserts, and one very big pot of super delicious tea.

In addition, I had *quite* a nice time, rather unexpectedly so. It always surprises me how much we have all changed since JC. Or how little I knew anyone at all during my school going days in Singapore. I wish I had made more of an effort in getting to know people when I was younger. I think the only real effort I made in trying to know people was when I was in University. But after I left University, I seemed to have lost all interest in trying to forge the same sort of relationships I had when I was in University.

Anyway, walking around Fortnum and Mason’s, we found some *interesting* things. Like Scorpion vodka for instance. I was almost tempted to get myself a small bottle just to taste it but I really don’t think my liver would be able to take it.

And funny looking shower caps, an exhibit of fascinators (modeled after food), and a variety of (heavy) magnifying glasses. I don’t think Fortnum and Masons counts as a London tourist attraction, but I do think that if you are in London for a couple of days, it definitely bears a quick visit. And besides, what else can be more British than enjoying an afternono of high tea?



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