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a visit to good ole London

Set of Rigoletto

A friend from Junior College, moving back to Singapore after 6 years in Boston, has stopped by here in London. Sometimes I like to pat myself on the back for making the brave (and foolhardy) decision to rent a big 1bedroom apartment even though it means that I will have to condense my year in London to 10 months. In fact, I sometimes feel a little ashamed at my rather shabby attempts at playing host to him this trip. For the most part, I got him keys to my apartment, and a spot on the sofa. For his part, he’s treated me to amphitheatre front row seats to Rigoletto at the ROH (OMG! Its sooo amazing when you get good seats to an amazing opera performance) and has volunteered to go to a speakeasy party without too much of a protest. And we’ve also done a bit of sightseeing together even though for the past two days, I’ve been camping out here in Starbucks pretending to study. I am trying, knowing that school is coming to a rapid end and finals are coming, but I get so distracted so easily.

Fish and Chips

Still, his visit does pose a very good excuse for eating out. We tried out the fish and chip dishes at Master Superfish. The food was very very good. It was fresh, and my mackeral was very tender. And the portions were huge. Plus when you are in England, how can you not have fish and chips, in spite of the fact that the national dish is now probably British-Indian curry?

A view from the bottom

We also did some London sightseeing stuff. Last night, we went up on the London Eye. That makes it the second ‘eye’ structure that I’ve ever been on. It provided quite a gorgeous view of London. I’m glad that we did it in the evening when the lights were all lit up. I suppose if we had planned it better, we could have tried it while the sun was setting. But I think I rather liked the lights. I just wish that I had a better camera to better capture the images. But then again, grainy is sometimes good, no?


Sometimes, when I feel as if all that I’ve done in my life has added up to nothing, and I’m sitting there wondering what the meaning of life is, specifically, my life, and if I’ve perhaps wasted all of my time, and my life, not to mention my parent’s hopes and expectations, I’m reminded, once again, of all the treasures that I have collected over the years, namely my friends. I also think its so very funny who we end up remaining friends with. Of all the people I met in Junior College, I would never have predicted that we would end up friends. Mind you, he’s not my closest friend, but he is one of the few that has made the most effort in keeping contact. And he is, indeed, one of those treasures. I doubt that I will ever truly understand him. But he’s one of those few rare people who are very sure of themselves even while they are searching for themselves. He has a very firm understanding of who he is, and who he is capable of being. Nothing, it seems, will deter him. I admire him, even though I hate to admit it, and sometimes, I think, I am ashamed to admit, terribly jealous. But then again, I suspect that if I let him know as much, he will probably laugh it off and dismiss it as being silly talk.

Sometimes, life is just good.



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