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Goodbye London. Hello India.

No. I’m not moving. Although, I will, soon. But the Crying Man is moving. To India.

A couple of weeks ago, this man came to the Sue Ryder thrift store where I volunteer. He bought a book. And then kind of lingered. And talked to me. It was a very strange day. First, there was the ex-millionaire who lost his fortune to a crook. And then the Crying Man started talking to me too. I don’t recall his name. Perhaps I did not even think to ask. But we talked for a bit. And he said that he’s been depressed for quite a bit. I thought he just looked a little hungover. But he said a close friend had recently died. And then he asked me where I was from. And where I was most recently from. And how much he had enjoyed going to the States. But that his first time in NY he had been mugged while still jet-lagged wandering the streets of Salem. And then he started tearing up while talking about his dead friend. He eventually left.

Yesterday, he came to Sue’s again. And he looked completely different. Shaved. Brand new haircut. He didn’t have any bags under his eyes. Plus I think he may have lost a bit of weight as well. He was donating stuff. Turns out he is moving to India. He said he probably should have started clearing out stuff ages ago. He said that its surprising how much stuff one doesn’t need.

I will confess, I was a little startled when I first met him. And I sort of regretted letting him leave the store without first making sure that he was ok. But I told myself at that time that I hardly knew him. And what could I do? Like really. I’m glad to see that he’s taken control of his life again. I don’t know what will happen to him in India. I wish I had taken the time to get to know him better. It would be nice to be able to know that he might eventually find that elusive happiness in India. But I have to admit, I was a little afraid of him. I did not want to get to know him because I was afraid. Afraid of taking on a responsibility I would not be able to handle. Afraid of getting to know someone  who I may eventually disappoint. But today, all I’m facing is regrets. Regrets that I did not make the effort to reach out to a fellow human being.



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