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Borough Market

Of all the open air markets here in London, I still think the Borough Market is my favorite.  In addition to humongous signs that tell people the scheulde of rents in the Borough Market will cost, the food is always fresh, and delicious. In fact, the fish is so fresh, we can still see the tongue. Serious!  Plus they sell my favorite chutneys (home made!), honey (from Greece!) and different flavored olive oil (ever tried truffle infused olive oil? Its like, to die for!).  And all the colors. They make vegetables look so pretty that I actually almost hit my targeted 5 servings of fruits and vegetables in a day!

Me! A self-confessed carnivore!  If that’s not considered a Great Achievement, I don’t know what is.  I also got a fruit juice that contained beets, carrots, and ginger. It tasted a little weird but wasn’t too bad. And there was another store that sold mostly nuts and dried fruits. Their dried apricots were on sale for £2.50 for 250grams. A great bargain in my opinion. Not to mention a great snack. We also found a store that sold like the most delicious mushroom pates. I think we bought two packs each. I finished my first one last night. yum. I was thinking I should throw a dinner party and have that as an appetizer. But after last night, I’m beginning I need to keep the mushroom pate for myself! We also found a baker who sold bread in a pot! Flat Stanley wanted a picture with the potted bread and so he found himself going potty over potted bread! And because its Easter, hot cross buns are a must (at least according to the M&S commercial anyway) and boy, are they delicious! And the price wasn’t too bad as well!! All in all, it made for an extremely delicious and full-filling day at the Borough Market!



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