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Tropic Thunder Roasted Chickpeas homage

Better than popcorn!

Inspired by SyntaxFree’s Tropic Thunder Roasted Chickpeas, I felt I had to make some myself. So I trotted on over to Waitrose on Sun (5 mins before closing time!) and got myself a can. I was going to write my usual ever so boring blog post about how I never follow instructions but I figured I should follow the tradition of reporting chickpeas roasting so here goes! And syntaxfree, its not just Singapore humidity, but apparently even in oh-so-dry London weather, it seems the drying of the peas by roasting them for the first couple of minutes are needed as well!

  1. Read through instructions on how to make Tropic Thunder Roasted Chickpeas at least twice.
  2. Laughed out loud in Starbucks and then turned bright red because cute guy was standing right in front of me. oops.
  3. Ran to Waitrose because supermarkets in London close early on Sun (they apparently can only be open for 6 hours on Sun! How annoying!)
  4. Stood in line for 30 minutes because apparently the whole of Angel are also buying their weekly groceries at the same time.
  5. Went home, emptied can and placed beans on a plate already covered with paper towel.
  6. Used a second paper towel to dry peas even further.
  7. Got distracted by stomach growling so leave peas and run off to Sainsbury Local to get a sandwich (why the Local is different from the regular Sainsbury is beyond my comprehension).
  8. Come back having eaten sandwich on my way back.
  9. Stick plate of chickpeas into oven (set at 200 degree celsius) for 10 mins (ahhh…gotta love a mobile with a timer)
  10. while waiting, put roughly 1 teaspoon olive oil, 1 teaspoon tumeric powder, 1 teaspoon allspice (no real reason, they just happened to be within reach), then wonder if I had put enough olice oil since there seems to be so much tumeric powder kinda just lying there. Then decide maybe I should add a wee bit more olive oil and resist temptation to add in paprika.
  11. 10 mins are up. By which time the computer has been switched on and I’m trying to figure out if I should watch the latest installment of Hawaii Five-O (don’t judge)
  12. I, very delicate, and very proudly remove chickpeas from oven without spilling any and plonk them into pyrex bowl and using wooden spoon (I obviously learn from other people’s mistakes well) and swirl those chickpeas around like an expert. *cough*
  13. then I put said chickpeas onto plate and stick them back into oven again.
  14. decide to watch Hawaii five O and go back to living room with bottle of beer. Figured that by the time a commercial break comes on, the peas will be ready.
  15. Commercial break for Old Spice comes on. I keep watching.
  16. Old Spice commercial break is over. I vaguely remember that I was doing something in the kitchen.
  17. 1 sec later. I remember what I had been doing. Run into kitchen. Switch off oven switch. Open oven door. Smoke. shitz.
  18. Take plate out. oohhh damm baby. Chickpeas not burnt (and if they are, I can’t tell). But its hot and I don’t dare taste them. So I wait. I go back to living room to finish watching Hawaii Five O.
  19. Hawaii Five O is over. I take a picture of the not-burnt roasted chickpeas. Then proceed to eat them.
  20. Take plate out into living room and proceed to devour the whole thing while watching One Day. Yum.

All in all, not too bad. I think I’m going to get another can so that I can watch My week with Marilyn tonight.




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One thought on “Tropic Thunder Roasted Chickpeas homage

  1. Glad it worked out, though I notice you roasted at 200 rather than 220 degrees. Quite a lot of other recipes do that too though, so presumably it works.

    I think the fun part (apart from the stuffing-your-face part, obv) is experimenting with the different flavour combinations – let me know if you hit on anything awesome! Including that cute guy in Starbucks. ;P


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