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Haggis virgin no more

Basically, its a lamb sausage

Erm, guess who has tried eating Haggis?Me me me!  Granted, I didn’t get to eat it on Burns night, but I was in Edinburgh this past weekend, and after a couple of ales, decided to give it a go at a bar called the Advocate, on the Royal Mile. It essentially tastes like sausage, except its made out of lamb. So no biggie really. But honestly, after hearing all about it, I was expecting something totally different, like maybe guts and livers staring at me in the face, like kidney pie or something, ya know?

Of course, food wasn’t the only reason why I went to Edinburgh. I figured I really should go take a look at the capital of Scotland while I still had the chance. And I thought a quick peek at the famous Edinburgh castle where this great Tudor line was established was probably in order. And the crown jewels. And oh yeah, they have this thing called the Stone of Destiny which will have to be shipped all the way to London for any future coronation. It essentially looked like, well, a stone. I can, however, completely understand why none of the Royals would want to stay in Edinburgh castle. It felt really cold in there with barely any heating! Plus its on top of a hill. I doubt very much that the present Duke of Edinburgh would want to make such an uncomfortable hike, given his heart condition and all. Apparently the Scottish infantry still has their barracks on the castle grounds and they even had a cemetary for their dogs.

We also met some dude who totally convinced us to go on a whiskey tour. The tour itself was kinda kitschy but we did get a chance to see a great collection of whiskey bottles. Kind of reminded me of the tequila bottles in old Mexico town in San Diego.  I thought the bottle with the headless monk was totally awesome. In short, I had a fantastic weekend and I lost my Haggis virginity! yay!



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4 thoughts on “Haggis virgin no more

  1. I really like haggis, and also the neeps’n’tatties which are served with it! Have never tried steak and kidney pie though, and don’t really intend to.


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