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Stonehenge and Bath

Season of Stones

Last weekend, I went with some of the girls in my class on a tour bus trip to the Stonehenge and Bath. Naturally, being nutrition students, all of us showed up armed with snacks and coffee. After a rather long 1.5hr journey, we made it to the Stonehenge. Don’t get me wrong. I know that its one of the 8 wonders of the world, and I also know that it took a whole bunch of Oxford students 2 weeks to haul similar rocks up to Stonehenge, but if you ask me, I think the Oxford students also need to account for the fact that they are probably not as stocky or as muscular as the beings from the Stonehenge, so their study was flawed. Just saying. That said, we were also told by the guide that the best time to visit the Stonehenge is during the Spring solstice and the Winter solstice. Or during sunrise or sunset. Erm, as interesting as I find a bunch of rocks in a wide open (potentially ancient burial ground), being there when its dark is not particularly appealing to me.

City Map
Kiss on the cheek
yes, I love my boobs too

After being given only 20 mins (we walked really fast) we had to get on the bus again so that we could make it to Bath on time. Once we were in Bath, we were given only 3 hours! 3 hours to explore an entire city! What a challange! Could we do it? Well….first we had to settle on lunch. We wandered around aimlessly for about 20 mins before we finally found a pub that we could all agree on. Of course, having been so reliant on the Barclay ride a bike maps around London, it took us all a while to find our way using Bath’s city maps. Once we were in the pub, it didn’t take us long to decide on the food. And because we are all foodies, we took a lot of pictures with food. And of us eating the food.And not content with having found some good pub food, we had to look around for sweet snacks as well. We definitely hit jackpot when we found Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shop.

Bath fountain
Only Royal Mineral Water gets a hospital! Special treatment!
Bath Abbey

But it really wasn’t all about the food. We did hit a couple of the sights as well. I think that Bath is a very picturesque town and hopefully one of these days, I’ll get to return, on my own time, without some grumpy old Brit telling me that I need to get a move on!



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