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Banana Walnut bread?

Remember Herman? He finally reached maturity at DOL#10 and I divided him into three, gave 3 parts away and baked the 4th. I had some walnuts, added in eggs (2 lightly beaten), butter (melted), sugar (2 cups), vanilla essence (2tsp), cinnamon (2tsp), sale (1/2tsp) and flour (2 cups), mixed them thoroughly and prayed for the best. Its very hard to be precise when you are guesstimating how much a quarter of him really is.  I also added in some smooshed up bananas. Placed him into a baking tray and stuck him into a preheated oven at 170 degrees celsius and hoped for the best. It took about 30 minutes. It didn’t taste terrible. Somewhat sweet. It wasn’t cookbook material, but neither was it so bad that it needed to be thrown out. In short, I’m rather proud of myself and think I deserve a pat on the back. *pat* Although a little more cumbersome than the email chain asking for recipes that is now being passed around, I find that giving someone something physically makes them actually do it instead of them rolling their eyes and ignoring that email! Plus its more delicious! And the joy of immediate gratification should never be underestimated!

A Mature Herman


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