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Herman, the Friendship cake

An adolescent Herman, pimples and all

I received Herman last Friday. Since then, I’ve been stirring him once a day, everyday. And on the 5th day, I fed him a helping of sugar, flour and milk as instructed. In about 3 days, he’ll get another helping, and get divided into 4 portions. The day after, I’ll have to hope that my baking skills have not gone to crap and I’ll be able to make a decent cake out of him. So far, all he has done is get bloated and give off a funny smell. Very much like a teenager if you ask me.

Apparently, Herman is also known as the Amish friendship cake. A quick search on google will bring up multiple blog posts about Herman and the recipes. You can make your own starter dough or get one from a friend. Obviously, I’m not crazy enough to make my own starter, mine was given by a friend here. Except now I have no one to give Herman to when he’s all ready! Still, I’ve had at least 2 reincarnations of him for dessert and I’m actually trying to figure out how to bake him when he’s ready. Suggestions? And if anyone wants a piece of him and you live in London….let me know!


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