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Swedish Meatballs

For some strange reason, my camera phone decided it was going to work again. I can’t figure out what makes it not work and go all purply on me, and when it decides to work. The cold maybe? Who knows. And to be honest, who cares as long as it works, right?

It was reading week last week, but instead of trying to learn how to make new dishes (as I should have), I spent a majority of my time … sleeping. Yes, I know, I’m lazy. But I was going to host a potluck at my place on Fri and thought I should learn how to make Swedish meatballs. I found Jamie Oliver’s Swedish meatballs recipe online and thought that I was going to serve it on Fri. However, as fate would have it, M&S had a deal on some spinach quiche and a ham quiche so I bought that instead since all I had to do was stick it into the oven. But last night, I decided I really ought to give it a go seeing that the recipe looked simple enough.

Rolled up raw Swedish meatballs

Again, as usual, I don’t always follow instructions. For example, it said that I should use half pork and half beef. Mine was all pork. But I did get the whole breadcrumbs and stuff put into it. I didn’t necessarily measure everything out. I just guestimated. I had bought fresh red onions from the market, so I used those. Also, I didn’t time how long I was cooking the balls. I just cooked them until it looked properly cooked. My only advice is to use medium heat because if you, like me, used high heat, the outside of the balls will burn but inside remains uncooked (well, slightly) and then you have to cook it a bit more. Also, I didn’t use the sauce that Jamie used. I used my trusted MS red caramelized chutney and also some humus dip left over from Fri. I think I’ll try his sauce for another dish another day.

Cooked Swedish meatballs

When I visited my aunt in Tamworth, she taught me how to make roasted pork belly. I haven’t had that in ages. And it looked quite easy. So when I get the ingredient list from her, I’m definitely going to try to give it a go!
gawd! I’m hungry just thinking about it!!!



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