things i learned about food this week

  1. eating a lot of carbs at one go can give one a pretty bad tummyache.
  2. add some alcohol to lesson 1 can give you a headache as well.
  3. quiche is basically an omelette in a pastry
  4. some things are just easier bought. case in point: flapjacks.
  5. roast pork isn’t that hard to make as long as you possess a grill and an oven. and pork belly. like duh.
  6. sesame oil makes everything taste great.
  7. ditto with the salt (but beware of your blood pressure)
  8. add chutney to the list of things that make everything taste great
  9. nutella is a legitimate food group
  10. you can make chocolate brownies using beetroot. who knew??!!

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