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the camera on my computer sucks

Right, so no camera, no camera phone….webcam should work right? Except of course the webcam on my computer kind of sucks. But last night, in a moment of craziness, I decided I was going to have dinner. I mean, I deserved it. I had a PT session at the gym (and by the way, I’m never going back) and seeing how my entire body is still aching today, a good dinner was what I deserved, even if it was the second dinner of the day.

Anyway, all I did was boil some vermicilli, and fried it together with some minced pork and half a teaspoon of sesame oil. I had bought some beetroot from the Farmer’s market on Sun. I baked it for 45 minutes hoping that it would make it easier to peel the skin off (it didn’t) and I ended up having to slice the skin off (thankfully mine stayed intact). Then using the honey with beetroot recipe, baked it again. Then I put the hot sweet beetroot with the vermicilli. It was good. The sesame oil made the whole dish smell very chinese but the sweet beetroot made it feel like I was eating a salad (I wasn’t). Strange combination. But it worked. And now I still have half a dish of sweet beetroot left. Probably going to go grab some vanilla ice cream later today and eat it with the beetroot. yum yum.



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