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Flapjack disaster

Flapjacks should be pretty easy to make, right? I mean, according to the recipe I found, oats, melted butter,sugar, a bit of vanilla, the oven, some chocolate chips, and it should be done in 20 mins. easy-peasy, right? except for someone who is a disaster in the kitchen of course. Nothing is ever easy.To begin with, there are a lot of flapjack recipes out there. Some involve honey (oh man, I can imagine the smoke filling out of the oven if I had used that recipe). Most of the ones I found involved the use of a microwave. I don’t have one so I used the oven instead but most of the ready to cook meals by Marks and Spencers have options between microwaves and ovens so I figured it wasn’t a big deal. Except it is. The chocolate got burnt. Burnt chocolate tastes awful. Oh, and I didn’t add golden syrup or honey. Somehow I forgot. But honestly, I think its because when I copied the recipe (by hand onto a napkin I might add), I didn’t put the words golden syrup on it. Anyway, without my camera phone, I’ve had to settle for the cybercam on my netbook. The lighting isn’t great (like duh…you try maneuvering a livecam attached inside your netbook…i mean, there’s a reason why Skype dating doesn’t work. To look good in person is hard enough, looking even somewhat flattering over a webcam requires monumental effort). BUT, I suppose if you want to try making flapjacks the right way, try this recipe (it received 4 1/2 stars from allrecipe):



Serves: 12
  • 75g (3 oz) butter
  • 5 tablespoons light brown soft sugar
  • 2 tablespoons golden syrup
  • 150g (5 oz) porridge oats
  • 50g (2 oz) sultanas
  • 50g (2 oz) glace cherries, chopped
  • 50g (2 oz) dried apricots, chopped

Preparation method

Prep: 10 mins |Cook: 5 mins

1. Place the butter, sugar and syrup in a microwave safe bowl and cook on high power for 1 to 2 minutes, or until butter is melted. Stir in the oats, sultanas, cherries and apricots and mix thoroughly.
2. Press mixture into a small greased baking dish. Cook on high power for about 5 minutes or until the centre is bubbling. Allow to cool then cut into squares.


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