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Happy Burns Night

Robert Burns on Literary Walk in Central Park

Jan 25th is the brith date of the Scottish poet Robert Burns. It is also commonly known in the UK as Burns night, although I suspect that it is probably celebrated more often in Scotland than in England itself. From what I can gather, people gather for a traditional supper of Haggis, which is basically a meal consisting of a sheep’s insides. The host of the dinner will start the dinner off with a Selkirk’s grace in Scottish language. Here’s the one thing about the UK that I’m rapidly learning. English isn’t the only language spoken here. There’s Welsh, and Gaelic, and apparently, the Scots have their own language as well. I used to think that when they said each part of the UK had their own language, that people were referring to their accents. Nope, its an entirely different language. I thought chinese dialects were a difficult concept to grasp, this is worse. At least the writing in Chinese is the same regardless of how it is spoken. These UK languages have their own writing and speech! How they ever came together to form one country is beyond me. The part about Burns Night supper that I like most? Everyone drinks Scottish whiskey at the end of the supper! So who’s having some haggis for dinner tonight?



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