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dine in for two for £10

One of the reasons for my new found gluttony, I believe, is that the supermarkets here in London offer deals like “Dine in for Two for £10”. Its a great deal because you get a starter, a main, and dessert plus wine for all of £10. Obviously that only works if there are two people to share the meal and when I first came here, I thought it would be a waste of money. But honestly, the portions in the UK are so small compared to the US, that erm, this meal for two becomes a meal for one. Or if I’m being particularly careful, a meal that can be stretched out over an entire day and a half. For the most part, I’ll have the starter for dinner. And then I’ll have the main meal for breakfast the next day (I usually skip lunch since I’m in school…or I’ll have those delicious creamy custard cream biscuits from Waitrose or M&S), and then the dessert becomes dinner. Its awesome. Plus I get an entire bottle of wine. So its small wonder then that my cooking skills are still miserable. In the US, it was almost always easier to eat out (especially if you are alone) or get take out since cooking for one person was just too difficult, and if you asked me, a waste of money because every time I bothered to spend money on buying the various ingredients for a dish, it gets used one time, and everything ends up getting thrown away. My mom has commented that a huge part of the issue is that I don’t actually plan a menu for the week before hand. And that is something that I agree with but even when I tried, things always came up, or I got bored, or tired, and then changed my mind about what I wanted to eat and then well…yeah. Food gets wasted. A lot. So to reduce waste, I tended to eat out all the time.

Well, for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to cook more decent meals by myself but when I returned from NY, I found myself back to the old habit of buying the M&S meals again. Last night it was the Parmesean potatoes, which were very very good. I think I should be able to replicate them myself. Because its not that these are super-gourmet hard to make meals. They are meals that normal people should be able to make, except I think supermarkets here have realized that people are either too busy (or in my case too lazy) to bother to prepare the meals. They want fresh stuff that they can just stick into an oven or pot and have a delicious meal quickly. Surely, that isn’t too hard to ask?


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