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Dinner fail.


One of the best things about visiting a place that you have already visited multiple times, is that you already know where to get the food that you want to eat. On my last trip to New York, I stayed with my very generous Russian Princess again and she, again, took me to Mitsuwa, the giant Asian superstore in Bergen county, New Jersey. One of my favorite dishes there is from this little store in the food court. I have no idea what it is called except that it is No. 59 on the menu. Its rice with pork, and covered in an egg omelette. From the looks of it, I figured it couldn’t be that difficult to replicate, right?

Turns out, I really should keep my opinions to myself because it turns out that it is. Perhaps under the hands of a more able cook, or perhaps one who has a finer taste bud, the dish would have come out tasting exactly the way its supposed to taste. Unfortunately for me, trying to replicate a dish without a menu proved to be quite a disaster. An edible disaster, but a disaster nonetheless. I guess I should count my blessings since it was edible. Honestly, it didn’t taste that bad, but the texture was all wrong and I was quite disappointed.

I’m still trying to figure out where I went wrong. Perhaps it was the wrong sauce? I used Hoisin sauce, but maybe I should have tried oyster sauce instead. Sometimes I feel as if Korean dishes are very seafood-oriented and so maybe they used oyster sauce for their rice dishes too? I also boiled the rice before frying it. The texture of the rice was quite wet. And I cooked the rice and pork separately from the omelette and now I’m wondering if perhaps the whole dish was baked somehow. When I got the dish from the store, it was presented on a hot plate and I don’t know if perhaps by making the omelette separately from the rice and meat, it somehow took away the sticky texture of the food?

Anyway, it didn’t turn out that bad. Just different. I basically took a half cup of rice (I was cooking a dish for one!), and boiled it in a pot until it looked a little like rice porridge (sort of gooey-ish), then I fried the rice, then added the pork (seasoned with a dash of salt), and fried it until I knew that the pork was cooked. Then I transferred the fried dish into a bowl. Then I made the omelette with a quarter cup of milk and 3 eggs whipped thoroughly to provide a consistent color and fried the omelette. and when it was clear that the upper half was sort of half cooked (a little formed, but a little runny), I flipped it over and onto the plate and waited for about 5 mins (I was hoping that the residual heat from the pan would result in the rest of the omelette cooking properly by itself and gel with the rice). And when that was done, I added in some hoisin sauce and that was my dinner. I think next time when I try this again, I’m going to try baking the eggs into the rice instead. What do you think?



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2 thoughts on “Dinner fail.

  1. The dish you were trying to replicate sounds like omu-rice to me – maybe do some googling in search of recipes? I know you said you don’t tend to follow them, but…why not?

    Also, little tip – each time you cook rice, you can actually cook several portions’ worth and freeze some for future. I do this, and it works out quite well for me! 🙂 Here’s where I got the idea originally:


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